Almost everyone’s dream to have a wedding in a unique an amazing way, after all this is the most precious and memorable moment in everyone’s life. With so much to explore and celebrate on a special occasion, the concept of the destination wedding has wonderfully hit the 21st century. Many couples are opting for exotic locations away from home to make their life moment a very special memory in their lives. Recently the famous cricketer Virat Kohli and popular Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma got married from Italy.

Planning a destination wedding is not as much a hassle as it may look actually. A few phone calls and email exchanges can get you right on track to your dream wedding at the dream location.  From beaches to high rise mountains, go through this list of World’s Ten Best Destination Wedding Spot in this article. Consider them if you are planning to choose an exotic location for your wedding.


Are you willing to celebrate in a harmonious collection of pretty islands, then the Caribbean offers an ultimate backdrop for a destination wedding for people from any continent. With its gorgeous beaches along with amazing weather and rocking music, Caribbean is an idealistic place to embrace the love of your life. If you are looking for luxury resorts, then this place is a nice choice. The Dominican Republic offers a rich blend of beatific beaches and exciting urban sights which is considered as a perfect place for couples. Tortola is the option for those who want to have both land and water experience. Anguilla offers a virtually crime-free zone for the safety of concerned people.


It is a tiny island with just a short flight from the east coast of the united states of America, This destination has beaches and mountain rocks, Bermuda’s landscape is ideal for weddings on the seaside. This destination will add that extra spark to your special day with some celebrated Bermuda traditions.


No doubt that Florida stands among the list of world’s best wedding destinations, sunshine state of Florida is about that quintessential serenity that can fill any heart with love. Planning for a wedding here is not only a delight for bride and groom; it is also a lovely vacation for relatives, friends and family members. Just think of a wedding whose exotic highlights are bride’s ride to the chapel in Cinderella’s glass coach and the trumpeters announcing the arrival in grand royal style. Imagine ending the night with a private fireworks display.


The wedding is a celebration in this exotic island nation which is located just to the right of United States. From Wedding to Honeymoon, Jamaica will offer all-inclusive packages for your sweet memories. It is an amazing choice for couples who cannot devote much time to the wedding details and for making arrangements. Wedding consultants take care of everything and packages are customized according to client’s specifications.

Las Vegas

It’s crazy to arrange a wedding at this wonderful place! People that would want their wedding day to be an amazing and passionate affair can simply head to Las Vegas to enjoy the special occasion. Give a miss to the exhausting formalities and stress of having a large and typical wedding in Las Vegas. Many event organizers offer wedding packages at an affordable price in Las Vegas.

best destination wedding locations in the world

Consider Italy if you are planning the wedding at some of the best destinations in the world. What could be a better place to have your wedding than the romantic place, enjoying on the love journey hand in hand in a romantic Mediterranean setting is what many couples dream of.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one incredible beauty, it has the rich ecosystem of lush forests, volcanoes, waterfalls and white sand beaches. You will indulge in fun activities like fishing, waterfall, diving and many other activities.As a perfect wedding destination, Costa Rica offers affairs from an intimate beach wedding to a grand celebration in a Europe. Being known as romantic land, it has few hidden gems that might just make the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.


Mexico is an exotic diverse land; it is a huge country with glorious landscapes and lively beaches. No doubt that it is a favored vacation destination for many people; Mexico has awesome food and loving folks. Language is not a problem here as many locals understand English.


If you are looking for an interesting tropical wedding destination but do not wish to leave America?  Then Kauai is your place, its tranquil landscape is a perfect choice for the perfect day of your life. It is the mystical land which is dotted with scenic drives, waterfalls, and beaches. The idealistic laid-back island life and pristine beauty all around can enchant any hear.


The Bahamas is one more favorite wedding destination for many couples, they may pick any or a combination of islands that suit their requirements.  It is easily accessible and truly beautiful; the country has very friendly and English speaking people who love to take care of their guests. Enthusiasts can choose from the packaged wedding experiences on offer.