Price: ₹2,200.00 - ₹599.00
(as of Sep 13,2021 09:20:59 UTC – Details)

Remember the moment when you bought your new phone, that excitement, the whole experience, new features and better performance. As time goes on that whole experience starts to shift. Most mobile phone users have mentioned decreasing battery life as the number one reason for spoiling their mobile phone experience. This ultimately leads to either the anxiety of constantly searching for power outlet or carrying a heavy power bank with you all the time. In some cases, the experience becomes so frustrating that you decide to just get rid of the old phone and get a completely new one even though it might not make any financial sense

Charge your battery atleast 4 hours for first time
Always Charge with Original Charger and Original Cable
Avoid direct Sunlight for battery and phone
For optimum use please charge and discharge the battery atleast 4 to 5 times