Apart from a life like a busy beehive, everyone deserves a long, cozy vacation on the shores of the sea, moonlight of the beaches and in the peace of the islands. That is when ‘St. John & St. Thomas’ comes to your escape. Located on the virgin islands, these two are so famous for their excellent #vacationgoals. These are most famous for all the outdoor adventurous activities, and that’s where ‘FISHING’ tops the list. There are many fishing charters in St. John but if you are looking for a comfortable, private, trustworthy and most importantly experienced fishing charter in St. John, then there is a stop you should never miss, ‘JUST FISH!’

“JUST FISH” is a ship boarded from Cruz Bay town on st john fishing charters, providing all the best amenities like comfortable sitting, private space for a perfect outing AND a 100*sq ft. cockpit where you can store all your catches. Along with the best catches of an enormous number of fishes, one will also feel the cool breeze wind in the hair, sun on your face and not to forget, ‘SEA SALTWATER’ splashing all over your face. We recommend you to check out FISHING CHARTER ST. JOHN for the best experiences.



  • ½ DAY-  If you are looking for a perfect day out, say for 4-5 hours. Then you should opt for this without the blink of an eye. The time allotments are usually between morning to evening varying in three different shifts. If you are planning to take your kid with you, don’t miss out on this slot!!
  • 3/4 DAY-  If you want to enjoy your vacation with more fishes in your wallet, then go for this charter right away!! It’s a long 6-7 hour fishing charter in st. john providing their services from morning till evening in two different shifts. This is perfect for a group of people who want to spend quality time together along with their hands on to large fishes in the sea. 
  • FULL DAY –  As understood by the name, this is a fishing charter serving for the whole day, say for 8-9 hours. These shifts usually start from the morning and end in the evening. If you are a marine lover and loves to explore new species of the marine every now and then this is the best charter for you. Just Fish will take you to a various number of offshores. If you are fascinated by deep-sea fishes like snooks, jacks, tarpon etc then don’t miss out the chance.
  • MARLIN TRIPS- These are long 10-12 hours fishing which is only available for the minimum experienced fishers out there. This type of charter only happens once a day, that too, only in the month of June to October. This is a complete package of all types of fishing taking place. If you are taking a child with you below 7 years, then don’t go for this charter. After all, Life is above everything.


  • Inshore Fishing-  Types of fishes found in the middle of the sea are usually large, sharp and competitive to each other. Some of them are Bonito, Kingfisher, Rainbow runner, Yellowtail snapper etc.
  • Offshore Fishing-  You can easily hunt on the small fishes here. They are enormous in numbers and usually run away in groups, leaving behind an amazing and mesmerizing scenic view, wagging their tails all around. Some of the fishes found in St. John fishing are Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna, Sailfish, White Marlin, Atlantic Blue Marlin, etc.
  • Shallow Water Fishing-  ‘Deep dig into the sea to find out its treasure’ is the truest sentence for these fishes. They are hidden deep into the sea which makes it hard enough to bail them out of water. Some of these fishes are Bonefish, Jacks, Tarpon, Barracuda, Mohogany Snapper, Snook, Permit, etc.


  • Sunscreen- This is the most important item while sailing a boat. The UV rays produced by the sun for long hours can give you real burns or infections all over your body. Tan is good but Extreme tanning is harmful.
  • First-Aid Kit- First Aid is the most important part of any trips, not just fishing. In the case of any unwanted happenings, First Aid is the only solution for all.
  • Insulated Hat & Gloves- To save yourself from the harsh reactions caused by the heavy rods and reels, you must carry your best quality gloves. Gloves will help you to have a perfect grip on your handle. Also, what is a vacation without that round-shaped beach hat, which will work as a two way round! One from the sunlight, other for the perfect picture.  
  • Medications- Medicines kit is just like a ‘friend in need, is a friend indeed”. Fishing in St. John is very convenient but the crisis doesn’t come with a sign. You should always have an alternative.
  • Rods and reels- Just Fish St. John provides the best baits for your hunting. They also provide all the basic amenities like vest coat, gears, and badges. But for a personal experience, have one if you want.
  • Polaroid Sunglasses- Sunglasses is a must on must thing to carry while on beach. It provides your eyes from the direct sunlight coming to your face. ALSO, Sunglasses give that extra sassy look in your photographs. #travelgoals.
  • Waterproof bags- Waterproof bags will not only prevent your bag from the seawater but also have this huge number of the storage facility which makes it so convenient for you to enjoy your trips.
  • Foods & Beverages- ‘Just Fish’ will provide you edibles to eat, but if you have a specific diet or preference, then you must have your own food carrying with you.

Spending some time for yourself with your family, friends, partners is important. And getting a chance to spend it on a boat is like a ‘cherry on a cake’.

You not only take back with you your fishing diaries, but also lots of fresh fishes. It’s worth your time and money!